Serena Khaplu Palace – FAQs

When is the best time to visit Khaplu?

Khaplu Palace & Residence is open from March to November.


Key times to visit Khaplu are:

  • April & May: Apricot Blossom in bloom
  • October & November: Autumn colours
  • June, July & August: The warmest months and best for trekking / camping
  • July & August: Wildflowers at their best in the Deosai Plains and superb trout fishing
  • Other: A series of polo tournaments take place from April to early May and from October to November


Average Daytime Temperatures

Summer: (May-August): 18°C to 35°C
Autumn: (October-November): 9°C to 22°C
Winter (December–February): -10°C to 10°C
Spring (March–April): 8°C to 16°C


How do I get to Khaplu Palace & Residence?

  • Daily scenic PIA flights to Skardu Airport (55 minutes) followed by a 2 hour drive to Khaplu.
  • Road from Islamabad via the scenic Karakoram Highway. The drive takes 24 hours plus from Islamabad. We recommend that this amazing journey is completed in two stages.


How close is Khaplu Palace & Residence from your other hotels?

Khaplu Palace & Residence and Shigar Fort Residence are 2 ½ hours drive from each other.

Khaplu Palace & Residence and Gilgit Serena Hotel are 10 ½ hours drive from each other.

Khaplu Palace & Residence and Hunza Baltit Inn are 13 ½ hours drive from each other.

Khaplu Palace & Residence is accessible by air from Islamabad (55 minute flight) to Skardu Airport followed by a 2 hour drive to Khaplu.


Is Khaplu Palace & Residence a heritage hotel?

Yes – Khaplu Palace & Residence is a heritage boutique hotel which has been beautifully restored to its original condition.


What activities are there to do at Khaplu Palace & Residence?

At Khaplu Palace & Residence our number one objective is to provide you with the experience of a life time! And that means providing you not only with incredible accommodation and service but also with a range of activities and experiences that encapsulate the best of the history, culture and natural beauty of the area you are visiting.


We have spent many long hours planning and devising some of the best excursions and activities there is to offer ensuring that there is something that will interest each and every one of our guests.


Choose from our:

  1. Local activities
  2. Day trips in and around our hotels
  3. Recommended holiday itineraries in Northern Pakistan (Khaplu, Shigar, Skardu, Gilgit, Hunza &  Chitral)
  4. Romantic Getaways

 For more information go to the Experiences page.


Does the hotel provide guided tours to historical sites?

Yes we provide a range of activities that includes guided tours to all the historical sites in Khaplu and the surrounding areas of Baltistan. We also offer guests an historical tour of Khaplu Palace & Residence.

Refer to the Experiences page.


What do the room rates include?

Rates (refer to rates on website or email or call us for a quote)


Our rates include:

  • Welcome drinks
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Daily provision of fruit basket
  • Wi-Fi access

They do not include snacks, dinner, all beverages, activities, laundry, telephone calls, transport or airport transfers.


Can we pay for our room on arrival?

Yes you can however we recommend advanced payment of your room to ensure confirmation.


Are children welcome at Khaplu Palace & Residence?

Yes we welcome all children of all ages. There is plenty of space in our gardens for children to run around and the various excursions on offer provide lots of opportunities for children to make plenty of noise. We do however ask that in our hotels children respect our other guests.


Can children stay for free at Khaplu Palace & Residence along with parents?

  • Children under the age of two, sharing a room with their parents are accommodated free.
  • Children aged between two to twelve, sharing a room with their parents, are charged at 50% of the adult rate.
  • If any child under 12 who requires his or her own room, will be charged at 75% of the adult rate.


Can you arrange our transport for us?

Yes we can arrange your transport & airport transfer for you during your stay. We use local drivers who have local knowledge for our day trips or longer excursions. Transport is usually in jeeps or 4WDs.


Please email or telephone to ask about our transport rates.


Will the hotel provide free transport for day excursions?

We do not provide free transport for any activities at the hotel – this includes local trips, day excursions and airport transfers. We can however arrange all your transport for you – please email or telephone to ask about our transport rates.


Do you have driver’s accommodation?

No – we do not provide driver’s accommodation at Khaplu Fort Residence. We can make arrangements at a local guest house for your driver at an additional cost.


Will the hotel be responsible for making my flight confirmations and ticketing?

No – your flight confirmations and ticketing will be your responsibility. Our hotel staff will assist you in reconfirming your RETURN flight from Skardu to Islamabad.


What happens if our flight is cancelled?

Sometimes flights are cancelled to and from Skardu due to bad weather in the mountains.


If this happens you have two options:

  • Reconfirm your seat for the next day
  • Drive along the famous Karakoram Highway Shigar. Although it is a long trip taking up to 24 hours this is possibly one of the most beautiful & adventurous drives in the world. We recommend breaking the trip in two and spending a night at Chilas.


If my flight is cancelled, will you charge me for my hotel room?

Yes we will charge you for your room. We do not take any responsibility for flight cancellations.


What clothes should I pack for Khaplu?

In the summer months (June, July & August) light cotton clothing is always best.  Bring a light sweater or pashmina for the cool mornings and evenings, sturdy walking shoes for exploring and a waterproof or wind proof jacket can sometimes be helpful.


In the cooler months (March, April, May, September, October, November) you will need warm clothes (woollies) during the day and a warm coat for the mornings and evenings.  Sturdy walking shoes for exploring and a waterproof or wind proof jacket are also necessary.


For those walking or trekking we recommend long trousers, cotton shirts, several pairs of socks that don’t rub, hiking boots, a fleece, wet weather / wind proof jacket and thermal layers for the evening and mornings.


When visiting religious sites and temples it is important that your legs, arms and head are covered.


Can you help us arrange a holiday in Gilgit-Baltistan?
We sure can. We have put together a range of holiday itineraries to ensure you have the experience of a life time in Gilgit-Baltistan.
Just send us an email of where you would like to go and we will give you some recommendations or alternatively look at the Experiences page


What kind of hikes do you offer?

Shigar Fort Residence is located in a trekker’s paradise. Our team will recommend beautiful walks and treks for you depending on your level of fitness and the length of time you wish to walk. One of our favourite treks is the Thalley La trek whereby you walk between Khaplu Palace & Residence and Shigar Fort Residence over 3 days.


Refer to Our Favorite Hikes in Northern Pakistan on the experiences page.


Is it safe to roam around as a foreigner or should I dress up as a local?

Yes it is safe to walk around as a foreigner. Gilgit-Baltistan is one of Pakistan’s safest and friendliest areas. Women should always carry a head scarf in case it is needed when visiting a mosque or other religious monuments.


Do you have a tenting facility at Khaplu Palace & Residence?

No we do not have any luxury tents at Khaplu Palace & Residence and nor do we have camping facilities.


Is there a heating facility at Khaplu Palace & Residence?

Yes we have heating in all rooms.


Do you serve continental food?

Yes we do serve some continental food however we predominantly serve local Baltistani and Pakistani cuisines.


Are my pets allowed at any of your hotels?

We do not allow guests to bring their pets.