Hunza Baltit Inn – Responsible Tourism Initiatives

At Hunza Baltit Inn we encourage those guests who are interested in giving something back to the community to consider supporting one of the projects we support – no matter how big or small. Or at the very least before giving we suggest you talk to a member of our management team who have years of experience in the area and understand what the priority needs are.


The following are some of the projects that we support in Hunza that you may wish to visit and that need your support:

–      The Sharma Carpet Centre – a rehabilitation centre for disabled men in Hunza. The main objectives of the centre are to provide basic rehabilitation services to integrate special people into mainstream society; to provide training in vocational and income earning skills to special persons and develop a market for their skills and products so that they can live an honorable life and become useful members of the society and finally to create awareness about the disabilities and the rights of the disabled in the area. We recommend you visit this wonderful centre and support their work by purchasing one of their unique carpets.


–      Gulmit Carpet Centre – The centre was started in 1997 to provide economic opportunities to women unable to continue their education. The centre initially trained 25 women in weaving, designing, dying, cutting and marketing. Some 13 years on the centre is now owned & operated by the women. This is a fantastic initiative that needs your support.


–      Women’s Social Enterprise – Whilst on a tour of Altit Fort enquire about the Hunza Women’s Social Enterprise (WSE). A direct outcome of the restoration and rehabilitation of Altit Khun & Altit Fort. WSE – known as ‘CIQAM’ meaning green in Burushaski stands for progress and prosperity. The centre employs over 90 under privileged women who have been trained in 7 different skill areas including carpentry, masonry, electrification, plumbing, surveying & furniture design.


–      Al Amyn School Community School, Gulmit – the first school in Pakistan to focus on preserving the linguistic heritage of the area teaching the local Wakhi language.  This school is funded by the community of Gulmit after recognizing the need for a better education for their youth. Whether or not you are visiting the school on your visit to Hunza we like to let our guests know in advance that they are urgently in need of any spare books or magazines (English or Urdu) for their library as well as sports equipment such as cricket bats, footballs, netballs, basketballs etc.