Experiences – Local Activities in Gilgit

  • Visit the 7th century Kargah Buddha rock carving – Gilgit’s most famous attraction.
  • Water Channel Walk: Stretch your legs & breathe in the fresh mountain air along the water channel high above the city of Gilgit – an easy 2 to 3 hour walk with incredible views over the entire valley. En route visit the Victory Monument of Taj Mughul – an Ismaili ruler from Badakhshan who came to Gilgit-Baltistan during the midst of 13th century AD. Finish the walk at Kargah Buddha rock carving.
  • Explore Gilgit Bazaar  – the well known Chinese market and local handicraft markets
  • Jutial Nallah Hike: The Jutial Nallah (stream) walk is directly behind the Gilgit Serena Hotel. Like most valleys in Gilgit the Jutial Nallah has a very narrow mouth. The hike takes you 6 km along the stream and through the steep sided gorge leading up to coniferous forest and pastureland. A moderate hike taking anywhere between 2 to 6 hours depending on how long you want to walk.
  • Watch a spot of Polo – Game of the Kings! Ask for the timings of the local matches or plan your trip around the famous annual Shandur Polo Tournament and other local tournaments!
  • Visit some of Gilgit Serena Hotel’s Responsible Tourism projects and learn how they are helping the local community. You too may be interested in getting involved!