About Baltistan

Baltistan is a beautiful land spread over 26,227 km in the north of Pakistan. It borders Ladakh to the East, Kashmir to the South, and Xinxiang province of China to the North. It has the most awe inspiring landscape with breath taking scenery of the Karakoram mountain range, sublime & picturesque terraced fields, the worlds 2nd highest mountain K2, some of the world’s largest glaciers outside of the North & South poles and the world’s second largest high altitude plateau – the Deosai Plains.

In addition to its amazing natural beauty, Baltistan is rich in history and culture. Its historical treasures include forts, palaces, mosques, and archeological treasures such as Buddha stupa’s and thousands of ancient petrol glyphs (rock carvings). Due to its isolation from the rest of Pakistan, Baltistan has not developed at the dramatic pace of its neighboring provinces and has managed to preserve its culture adding to its charm and character.

The relative lack of development and friendly nature of the Balti people make Baltistan the perfect destination for those looking for a varied and stimulating holiday. From stunning landscapes, a vast amount of historical & religious sites, beautiful flora and fauna, amazing architecture, trekking, horse riding and many other adventures for the more active traveller. Beautiful Baltistan is small enough to explore in 4 to 10 days yet large & diverse enough to offer infinite variety and the holiday of a life time.