Altit Fort – Responsible Tourism

The restoration & rehabilitation project of Altit Fort and the settlement of Altit Khun highlight the exceptional model of community based conservation that has been implemented by the Aga Khan Cultural Services, Pakistan.


Today the Altit Fort and surrounding village have regained their iconic place in the Hunza Valley and now serve as a beacon to inspire future generations.


The restoration & rehabilitation of Altit Fort & Altit Khun have:

–          Installed pride within the community of their heritage

–          Encouraged others to restore and adapt historic properties

–          Promoted the use of traditional construction techniques

–          Increased the range of livelihood opportunities for the local community

–          Created a tourism asset that enables tourists to experience living culture

–          Helped the community implement land use planning to ensure protection of heritage assets, open spaces and agricultural land

–          Revitalized not only the Fort but also the traditional settlement of Altit Khun


Another direct outcome of the restoration and rehabilitation of Altit Khun & Altit Fort has been the development of the Hunza Women’s Social Enterprise (WSE). WSE – known as ‘CIQAM’ meaning green in Burushaski (the local language) stands for progress and prosperity. The social enterprise employs over 90 under privileged women who have been trained in 7 different skill areas including carpentry, masonry, electrification, plumbing, surveying & furniture design. Be sure to visit this wonderful enterprise as part of your trip to Altit Fort.


Awards won:

  • Award of Distinction at the 2011 UNESCO Asian-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation